A Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander light utility transport aircraft of the Nepal Army Air Wing has crashed in the remote hunting reserve in western Nepal while it was returning to the capital Kathmandu.

Islander was returning after a rescue mission near the Nepalese border with India when it lost contact with the airbase at 7:05pm (1320 GMT).

Rescue efforts are already underway and according to the eyewitness near the crash site, explosion were heard before the aircraft crashed into the ground.

Uma Prasad Chaturbedi, the deputy superintendent of the local police force has said, "This morning, the rescuers retrieved four dead bodies."

He added, "Three of them have been badly damaged, hence it is hard to identify their gender."One badly burned body has been identified as male."

Uma Prasad, also said, "The bodies were scattered within 50 to 60 metres from the crash site. Though the rescue team hasn't found the remaining two, chances of their survival is nil."

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