Chinese fisherman has found the wreckage of the Russian made 3M-54E ( SS-N-27B) submarine launched anti-shipping Klub missile which has supersonic terminal speed of 2.9 mach and range of 220 kilometers.

People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force operate Russian made Improved Kilo class Project 636M diesel-electric submarines which are capable of firing Russian Novator 3M-54E Klub S Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles.

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  1. WELL this will make the life of US and Taiwanese and Indian warship difficult.

    Keeping them away

    safeguarding Chinese interests

  2. 3M-54E ( SS-N-27B) anti-shipping Klub missile will out class American AGM84 Harpoon and Indian Brahmos.

    and as they are launched by subs they are difficult to counter untill its too late

    not to mention the fact that Chinese are most likely to comeup with their own version of 3M-54E sooner or later

  3. 3M-54E offer best of both supersonic and subsonic antiship missiles making it unmachable weapon

  4. interesting... but who is launcher? (what kind of ships or subs?)

  5. China operated improved kilo class subs

  6. People are forgetting that Indian Navy has same set of missiles which can be fired from their Kilo subs as well.

  7. It is unlikely China will build a similar missile since they already have ones that outperform it, such as the YJ-62, CM-602G, YJ-83, YJ-12.


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