Diehl Defence has tested IRIS-T SL  (Surface Launched) at the OTB Firing Range in South Africa. Two tests were conducted in the presence of representatives of the German defense ministry.

These two tests were aimed at demonstrating the IRIS-T SL missile's capability to be safely launched from the carrier vehicle, performance of the new rocket motor and data transmission via data link during the flight.

IRIS-T SL demonstrated excellent maneuverability by exploring its flight envelop limits in these tests. Second success was achieved by transmitting radar data of the target to the IRIS-T SL during its flight.

Diehl Defence is also promoting the IRIS-T SL for the export market. Diehl Defence says that IRIS-T SL  (Surface Launched) can be easily integrated into any existing and future surface to air defense system.IRIS-T SL  (Surface Launched) is being developed as a refinement of the air launched IRIS-T missile.

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