Images of the Shenyang J-8 Finback Fighter Jet model is displayed with 6 air to air missiles. J-8 Finback  was designed by the 601 Institute to meet the requirements of the PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force)  for a high-speed, high-altitude fighter/interceptor capable of intercepting high flying bombers and spy planes.

Basic J-8 Finback Fighter jet which resembled an enlarged delta-wing J-7 with two WP-7A turbojet engines entered service with the PLAAF in 1980. An improved version was designed with a new forward fuselage, intakes and solid nose.

New version of J-8 was called J-8II (Finback-B). It was capable of carrying an enlarged radar to meet the PLAAF's requirement of beyond visual range combat (BVR) for J-8II.

Another attempt was made by china to upgrade Its basic J-8II when it flight tested J-8IIM with Zhuk-8II coherent pulse Doppler radar, new multifunction displays, new fire-control systems in 1996.
 This upgrade allowed J-8IIM to carry Russian Vympel R-27 BVR missiles. Later on China displayed Type 1471 radar along with the improved J-8IIM.

The J-8H configuration features the more powerful WP-13B turbojet engines, improved avionics and the improved Type 1471 Pulse Doppler fire control radar with look-down/shoot-down capability and a range of new operating modes. With the radar upgrade comes the ability to fire the PL-11 and the PL-12/SD-10 MRAAM which employs an Active Radar Homing (ARH) seeker.  

Latest versions of J-8II are called J-8H/F which are powered by new WP-13BII turbojet engines with additional thrust. J-8H/F features new glass cockpit and Type 1492 radar. New J-8II is capable of carrying PL-12 active-radar BVR missile, AS-17 'Krypton'  anti-radiation missile and Chinese LS-6 satellite guided bombs.

J-8 Finback Fighter Jet Model

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