Israeli defense officials on Wednesday announced that Israel has tested a ballistic missiles from the Palmachim Air Force Base serves as a rocket launch facility for the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system and Shavit space launch vehicles.

First Israeli ballistic missile, Jericho I was developed with help of France. Initial batch of 12  Jericho I short-range ballistic missiles was delivered by the France. Jericho-I weights about 6.5 tonnes and have range of  500 km with warhead of 400 kilograms.
In late 1980s, Israel developed Jericho II medium range ballistic missile with range of 1,300 km to 1,400 km with capability to carry a warhead of 1000 kg. Two stage, solid fuel powered Jericho II is 14.0 m long and has launch weight of 26,000 kg .

Israel has also developed new solid fuel Jericho III intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) which can carry warhead of 1,000 to 1,300 kg to a distance of 4,800 km. Jericho III ballistic missile is a re-designed Shavit space launch vehicle for the strategic strike role.

Israel’s Jericho III intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) has a long enough range to target any part of Iran. Israeli media has reported in last few weeks that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli defense minister Mr. Barak are pushing for an attack on Iran.

UK's newspaper the Guardian has reported that Wednesday that Britain’s military is already making contingency plans to support possible air strikes against the Iranian nuclear facilities by United States.

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  1. OK so the Americans are bragging about non-existent Iranian nuclear programme, but they are silent about Israeli nuclear programme. Nobody has allowed Israel to develop a nuclear weapons. Yet they have it... why are the americans NOT complaining about the Israeli nuclear programme??

  2. Probably because Israel isn't breathing out murderous and genocidal threats against her neighbors. Islamist leaders would do well to keep their big mouth's shut rather than thumping their chests and declaring their intention to murder all the Jews.

  3. Playing with fire on both sides,the iranians and the Israelis, can burn them both. Threats and counter threats may lead to catastrophic results . If you think that only the Israelis have the right to posses nuclear warheads, you are mistaken. The Middle East should be free of nuclear weapons. Yes, Israel may have the capability to wipe out most of Iran in a nuclear exchange, but can you imagine what kind of destruction two or three Iranian nuclear weapons can do to the Israelis?


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