In letter to the US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, United States Defence Secretary has written that if proposed cuts in the United States defence budget for next ten years crossed $450 billion mark, it will result in reduction of “size of the military sharply.”

United States Defense Secretary has used words like “doomsday,” ‘’hollow force” and “paper tiger” to describe the defence budget cuts and their possible effects over the US armed force.

United States Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta has said that such a decision may result in the termination of many US defence procurement projects will  including  USAF's F-35 Lightning II "Joint Strike Fighter", ICBMs, next generation medium stealth bomber, US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship, new generation ballistic carrying nuclear submarine. 

It is estimated that freezing the development of and testing the F-35 Lightning II "Joint Strike Fighter" will result in $80 billion worth savings over next decade.

United States department of defence had projected defence expenditure of $571 billion in 2013 which will increased to $611 billion in 2016. Recent news indicate that Pentagon's budget may be restricted to only $522.5 billion in 2014-2017.

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