The Adcom Systems, a firm from the United Arab Emirates has displayed the innovative United 40 unmanned air vehicle which uses  tandem-wing layout. This  new UAV has  a S-shaped fuselage and its design was developed after research and development for over 4 years. 

UAE's 30kg Namrod is a GPS/inertial/IR terminal guidance missile which is powered by a  small jet engine with maximum speed of 1000 kilometres per hours and a range of 60 kilometres .
The  United-40's wings will provide high lift with wing span of 57 feet 6 inches and the lifting area of the wing is 262 sq ft.
United-40 Tandem Wing Armed Drone can have takeoff/landing speed of just 33 mph  and it can achieve altitude of 23,000 feet. Maximum takeoff weight is around 1000 kg.

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  1. Is there such a thing as a Chinese ballistic missile, attached to unmanned jet wings, that detaches and then takes out say, some sort of military installation, with the use of satellite navigation. Maybe even an aircraft carrier ? It could look alittle like the Branson space project - a long range exercise missile.


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