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  1. they going to use it for what land attack !!!?
    they do not have any land neighbors ??
    that a waste of money, they could put the money to make some home build anti air missile.

  2. its a medium weight tank which will be used in defense rather then offensive

  3. Slalom Fire by the Type10 MBT
    on Fire Power in Fuji.
    All shells hit the target!

  4. The Japanese - like many nations of NATO are interested in having the ability to send forces into combat as a full ally of Nations in conflict. With the heated exchanges between Japan - China, Taiwan and the Philippines the newly "re-elected" Prime Minister Abe - a "hawkish" unapologist for WWII seeks to decrease the Constitutional hold against aggressive "defense" that Japan feels it's up against now that the US doesn't have the "full" dominance over regional powers it once commanded. Powerful to be sure, but no where near it had 20-30 years ago. This tank has the ability to be upgraded in situ - to be more or equal to the Chinese top tank and holds it's own (after upgrade)to the Russian Armata.


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