First clear images of the much rumored Chinese F-60/J-21/J31 Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jet
Images are Courtesy of Tixue.net

 F-60/J-21/31 Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jet will be employed as a low cost solution compared to the J-20 by the PLAAF.  F-60/J-21/J31 Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Jet may also be offered for export to the Pakistan in future which serves as major testing ground for the new generation Chinese weapons.

Specifications of J-20 Mighty Dragon Stealth Fighter Jet

Click Here For Additional Images of Chinese J-31/F-60

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  1. Actually the Chinese stealth fighter F-60/j-21 looks like a pirate copy of the aircraft Mitsubishi ATD-X shinshin, and most interesting is the zero Japanese reaction on this. http://spotavia.blogspot.com/2012/09/f-60j-21-china-vs-atd-x-shinshin-japan.html

  2. Actually, both are copies of the F-22.

  3. The silly Americans don't know what you are talking about. J-20 is not a copy of F-22 and it is better than F-22 and F-35. J-21 or J-31 are actually J-18 and it is better than F-18 and F-35...
    Some silly Americans comment that the U.S. Air-force alone can destroy most industrial sites in China, not including their ICBMs, submarines, navy...
    Let me tell you this, the silly Americans. China has military technologies that is able to stop American ICBMs, stealth bombers, stealth fighters, and sink the American submarines and aircraft carrier battle groups...with no problem. While the Americans have nothing to stop Chinese ICBMs, intercontinental stealth bombers, intercontinental stealth fighter bombers, submarines, warships...The Americans with a lot of aircraft carrier battle groups are just like a handicraft man with strong arms and weak knees, so the silly Americans can not stand a war with China.
    Just don't mess things up to hurt yourself, the silly Americans.
    Yeah, go ahead to hold my comment for approval to edit and block. I will send the evil Americans and their followers to hell by nukes anyway.


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