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  1. we don't necessarily have to 'ape' the yanks always and every time....

    We know a thing or two too....

    Clones look so second hand and 'artificial' ... and trying so hard to not pass off as seconds..

    too many movies actually... and then you have this..

  2. This has been mis-reported, these guys are NOT Indian navy SOFs but an Indian navy force-protection unit called
    Sagar Prahari Bal (SPB) charged with securing certain vital IN installations and critical IN infrastructure. Confusion arises because the IN SOFs (MARCOs) have the same US UCM camo and Tavors but these guys (except in the last pic where they are taking part in a naval boarding ex) are NOT SOFs but SPB. MARCOs are INCREDIBLY secretive and would never be used as guards aboard a naval ship (as the guys are in the said pics above) and if there is media about will always cover their faces.


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