The S-400 Triumph/SA-21 Growler is a long range air defence missile system which is capable of targeting fighter jet , unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), stealthy cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. The  S-400 Triumph is considered by many experts around the glob as arguably the best air defense system.

The 40N6 missile of the  S-400 Triumf  is capable of targeting high value assets like  AWACS, J-STARS, EA-6B support jammers from a standoff distance of 400km by using active radar homing.

The S-400 Triumph also employs 9M96E and 9M96E2 medium range air defense missiles to intercept fast and maneuverable targets such as fighter jets from a distance of  120km.

Russian S-400 Triumf Long Range Air Defense Missile System can simultaneously engage upto 36 targets.

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