US officials has confirm that Israel has struck the Syrian arms depot in the port city of Latakia.  Conflicting reports has appeared that Israel Air Force fighter jets or Israel Navy's Dolphin-class submarine was used to attack the Syrian weapons storage facility.

Israeli strikes appears to be aimed at destroying Russia Yakhont SS-N-26 supersonic anti-ship missiles which were supplied to Syria as part of its deal to supply two Bastion coastal missile systems. Israeli forces fears that Yakhont SS-N-26 supersonic anti-ship missiles will put its warships in serious jeopardy in case of a conflict.

A couple of months back, Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad has claimed that Russia has started the deliveries of the S-300 advanced surface-air-missile (SAM) batteries to Syria. If true, once operational S-300 SAM will make such future strike very difficult to conduct.

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