Tu-22M is a supersonic, swing-wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber.
Russian Air Force Tu-22M Backfire & Tu-160 Blackjack Supersonic Variable Sweep Wing Bombers. Tu-160 is the world's largest combat aircraft, largest supersonic aircraft, and largest variable-sweep aircraft built. In addition, the Tu-160 has the heaviest takeoff weight of any combat aircraft.

General characteristics of Tu-160  Largest Supersonic Bomber

Crew: 4 (pilot, co-pilot, bombardier, defensive systems operator)

Length: 54.10 m

Spread (20° sweep): 55.70 m
Swept (65° sweep): 35.60 m

Height: 13.10 m
Wing area:
Spread: 400 m²
Swept: 360 m²

Empty weight: 110,000 kg

Loaded weight: 267,600 kg

Max takeoff weight: 275,000 kg

Powerplant: 4 × Samara NK-321 turbofans

Dry thrust: 137.3 kN each

Thrust with afterburner: 245 kN each

Maximum speed: Mach 2.05 (2,220 km/h) at 12,200 m

Cruise speed: Mach 0.9 (960 km/h)

Range: 12,300 km at Mach 0.77 while carrying 6 × Kh-55SM

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