F-16 Block 60 aircraft of the United Arab Emirates Air Force has crashed while it was on landing at a NATO air base in Italy. Pilot of the UAE-AF F-16 Block 60 was able to eject from the aircraft safely.

Reports in media claimed that UAE-AF F-16 Block 60 aircraft "veered off the runway after landing."United Arab Emirates Air Force has deployed 12 fighter jets at Decimomannu air base in Italy. UAE-AF contingent comprises of 6 F-16E/F Desert Falcons aircraft and 6 Mirage-2000-9 aircrafts.

UAE’s F-16E/F Desert Falcons are 4.5 generation fighter aircrafts which were customized for the UAE. F-16E/F Desert Falcons as the most powerful engine of all the F-16.t

Aircrafts are equipped with the CFTs for long range missions and have AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar which can scan the airspace without mechanical steering and continue to scan in real time for as long as the pilot wants.

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