Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the United States has notified the US Congress about the possible Foreign Military Sale to the Taiwan for upgradation of F-16A/B aircraft at an estimated cost of $5.3 billion.

Taiwan has requested the US government to provide the following equipment for the Mid Life Update of 145 F-16A/B block 20 of the Republic of China Air Force.

Mid Life Update Package will include following:

176 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars
176 Embedded Global Positioning System Inertial Navigation Systems
176 ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management systems
82 ALQ-184 Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) pods with Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM)
or AN/ALQ-211(V)9 Airborne Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suites (AIDEWS) with DRFM
or AN/ALQ-131 pods with DRFM)
86 tactical data link terminals
Upgrade 28 electro-optical infrared targeting Sharpshooter pods
26 AN/AAQ-33 SNIPER Targeting Systems
or AN/AAQ-28 LITENING Targeting Systems
128 Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems
128 Night Vision Goggles
140 AIM-9X SIDEWINDER Missiles
56 AIM-9X Captive Air Training Missiles
5 AIM-9X Telemetry kits
16 GBU-31V1 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs) kits
80 GBU-38 JDAM kits
Dual Mode/ Global Positioning System Laser-Guided Bombs (16 GBU-10 Enhanced PAVEWAY II or GBU-56 Laser JDAM, 80 GBU-12 Enhanced PAVEWAY II or GBU-54 Laser JDAM, 16 GBU-24 Enhanced PAVEWAY III)
64 CBU-105 Sensor Fused Weapons with Wind-Corrected Munition Dispensers (WDMD)
153 LAU-129 Launchers with missile interface
Upgrade of 158 APX-113 Advanced Identification Friend or Foe Combined Interrogator Transponders; and HAVE GLASS II applications.
Study on replacing existing F100-PW-220 engines with F100-PW-229 engines.

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