Polish Navy's Kaman SH-2 Anti-submarine Helicopter
Polish Navy's PZL M28B Bryza 1R Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft. 

Polish Navy's Mil Mi-17 Transport Helicopter
Polish Navy's PZL W-3RM SAR and Utility Helicopter
Polish Navy's PZL M28B Bryza 1R are equipped with a ASR-400 360° Search and Surveillance Radar. 

Polish Naval Air Arm operates four Kaman SH-2G Anti-submarine Helicopters, two Mil Mi-17 Transport Helicopters, ten PZL W-3 SAR and Utility Helicopters, ten land based Mil Mi-14 Anti-submarine and SAR Helicopters and twelve PZL M28B Bryza 1R Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft. 

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  2. These photos don't show Polish Navy's fixed wing recoinessance aircraft AN-28B1R Bryza but the ordinary transport version ;-)


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