Israeli sources are claiming that  David’s Sling (also known as Magic Wand )Short-Range Ballistic Missile Defense (SRMD)– the IDF's mid-range anti-missile system  will be operational ahead of its schedule.

Israel plans to conduct different tests of the David’s Sling Short-Range Ballistic Missile Defense in near future.

It uses a low-cost, short-range interceptor to destroy short-range ballistic missiles and long range rockets with ranges of 70 - 200 km in their terminal phase of flight.. Project was conceived to deal with the proliferating threat of short-range ballistic missiles and  long range rockets.

Rafael and Raytheon were awarded contract by the Israel to design and development  next-generation hit-to-kill Stunner missile interceptor and associated firing unit, as part of the 'David's Sling' Weapon System (DSWS). 

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