United States AV-8B Harriers with Marine Attack Squadron 513, deployed out of Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz., rest at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

VMA-513, which was the first Marine Corps Harrier squadron to deploy to Afghanistan, recently returned after more than a decade.
"There is nothing impossible for the Marines of the squadron," said Sgt. Maj. Scott E. Cooper, the VMA-513 squadron sergeant major, and native of Huntington Beach, Calif. "Their hearts are in the right places, they are focused on their missions and they want to be here."
Specifications (AV-8B Harrier II)

Wing span: 9.25 m
Length AV-8B: 14.12 m

Height : 3.55 m

Operating Empty Weight AV-8B: 6,336 kg

Max internal fuel AV-8B: 3,519 kg

Max internal and external fuel AV-8B: 7,180 kg

Max Payload load (including fuel, stores, weapons, ammunition, and water injection for engine):
VTO: Approx 3,062 kg
STO: More than 7,710 kg

Max take-off weight:
STO (435 m): 14,061 kg
VTO (sea level, ISA) (AV-8B): 9,342 kg

Design max landing weight: 11,340 kg
Max vertical landing weight: 9,043 kg

Max speed in level flight:
at sea level: Mach 0.87
at altitude: Mach 0.98

Operational radius with external loads shown:
short take-off (366 m), 12 Mk 82 Snakeye bombs, internal fuel, 1 h loiter @ 167 km
hi-lo-hi, short take-off (366 m), 7 Mk 82, 2 - 300 US gallon external fuel tanks, no loiter: 1,101 km
deck launch intercept mission, 2 AIM-9 missiles and 2 external fuel tanks: 1,162 km
Unrefuelled ferry range, with 4 - 300 US gallon external tanks:
Combat air patrol endurance @ 185 km from base: 3 hours

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