Taiwan's Hsiung Feng (Brave Wind) III supersonic anti-ship missile missed its target in a training exercise due to problems in its computer.

Hsiung Feng III supersonic anti-ship missile is capable of cruising at a top speed of Mach 2.0 (twice the speed of sound) and has a range of around 130 kilometers when flying very close to the sea to avoid early detection.

Taiwan started deploying the Hsiung Feng III antiship missile on its surface warships last year to counter the high growth of the Chinese naval forces. HF-III Missile is purchased at cost of around $3.45 million each.

Taiwan has also decided not to display the Hsiung Feng II-E (HF-2E) land attack cruise missile during this year’s Double Ten National Day ceremonies to mark the Republic of China’s 100th anniversary.

HF-2E cruise missile is estimated to has a range of about 600km and it can be launch from both land and sea to target the military bases in southeastern China.

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