India government has given go ahead to the Indian air force to sign contract for the purchase of 10 Boeing C-17 Globe master-III heavy lift transports. Indian air force has also indicated that it plans to exercise options the option for 6 additional  Boeing C-17 Globe master-III heavy lift transports. 

Cabinet Committee on Security has cleared this purchase worth $4.1-billion, making it the biggest Indian defense deal with the United States.

Indian Air Force (IAF) showed its interest in the purchase of the C-17 transports in 2009 and last year a Indian government formally requested a  Foreign Military Sales program for the  the US Government received a request from India for purchase of 10 Boeing C-17 Globe master-III aircrafts.

Trials of the Boeing C-17 Globe master-III were conducted by the Indian air force in June last year and it was declared that Boeing C-17 Globe master-III ha meet all the requirements of the Indian air force.

Boeing C-17 Globe master-III can carry a maximum payload of 77,519 kg and its MTOW 265,352 kg. C-17 can carry a payload of 76,657 kg ro a distance of 4444 km at speed of 0.76 Mach. 

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