United Arab Emirates has decided to decrease its order of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense interceptors from 144 to 96 interceptors.

In September 2008, UAE government had requested the United States government to purchase 144 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense interceptors and associated equipment at an estimated cost of $6.95 billion.

United Arab Emirates will also purchase only 2 AN/TPY-2 mobile search and tracking radars instead of 4 as planned earlier. This means that now UAE will be able to supports only 2 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense batteries, rather than three.

If UAE decides to goahead and purchase Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, it will be the first international buyer of this ballistic missile system.

United Arab Emirates is also purchasing Patriot PAC-3 missile defense system missile for low-level interceptions of ballistic missiles and aircrafts.

United Arab Emirates is looking to build a ballistic missile defense system which can counter the Iranian medium ballistic missiles.

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  1. Our UAE brothers will always remain vulnerable despite their THADS. Very cleverly but unfortunately indeed they have continued with the GCC pact with terrorists not to attack in Arab states but to wage their murderous campaign in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They have also supported unrest in Blauchistan to counter perceived competetion to their Dubai Port. Wikileaks has exposed their turning the blind eye to the free flow of finance to terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  2. Well thats another matter, which needs to be looked at (and may be you can write something up for the users with some details so that everyone can understand your opinion?)

    THAAD is intended as an Anti ballistic missile system which will help against IRAN's massive ballistic missile program.


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