The United States Air Force has grounded its F-22 Raptor fifth-generation stealth air superiority fighter aircraft due to the problems suffered by the aircraft's oxygen supply.

Fifth-generation Stealth aircraft which is designed to evade radar was grounded since May 3 and United States Air Force officials say that it is yet not clear when the most advance fighter aircraft in world would be able return to the air.

USAF is looking to resolve the issues related to the possible breakdowns in the oxygen supply system of the fifth generation stealth aircraft.

Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor was developed over a period of over two decades and billions of dollars in investment to replace legacy F-15C fighters jets. F-22A Raptor entered into service with the United States Air Force on 15 December 2005.

F-22A was designed to outclasses all the fourth generation  fighter aircraft with help of its abilities like stealth to evade radar, extreme maneuverability with TVC engines to outmaneuver other aircraft and flying at supersonic speeds without using its gas-guzzling afterburners to outrun the enemy fighters..

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