Indian Defence Minister AK Antony has asked Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to launch 5,000 km range nuclear capable Agni-V  Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) "within a year".

Indian Defence Minister said that India has already joined the elite club of nations with development of the anti ballistic missile system and DRDO should now test the Agni-V as soon as possible.  DRDO chief Vijay Kumar Saraswat has already said earlier that India is working on the Agni-V ICBM which will be tested later this year.

India has already developed 3000 kilometers Agni-III IRBM. Agni-V ICBM is being developed by adding a third stage to the Agni-III missile. Agni III IRBM was first launched from Wheeler Island on July 9, 2006, but  this missile test was unsuccessful as missile fell soon after the launch. 

Since than India has conducted three successful tests of the Agni-III missile and DRDO claimed that no more testing is required as India had made advancements in design and simulation capabilities which limits the number of missile tests required. 

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  1. INDIA needs to develope & deploy various range of missile at a faster pace inorder to have a strong stregetic command of missiles to counter pakistan & china.
    Missile developments shud be privatize for mass scale production for the three arm force of India.


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