Libyan Rebels standing at the top of  destroyed MiG-23 fighter jet of the Forces of Moammar Gadhafi 

French Air Force destroyed 5 fighter jet trainer in a strike carried out by the French Rafale fighters jets.
Two Libyan Rebels standing tall at the top of destroyed fighter jet
Libyan Rebels in cockpit of the destroyed fighter jet
Scene of the Misurata airport after the strike by the French Rafale fighters jets.

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  1. It seems a shame that there area lot of A/C setting around Libya now that could be in the sport aviation venue of the U.S. . I understand that Libya had something like 130 SOKO G-2 Galeb, and Jastreb aircraft that they received from Romania some years ago. There's a big market in the U.S. for these types. Anyway it seems a shame to see them destroyed.

  2. In 2011, some people thought they were rebels. today All known as terrorists. And they destroyed the Libyan army and not Gaddafi's forces!


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