With a launch weight of 600kg Turkish Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) has range of 180km and carries a warhead of 230kg.

Turkish air force has recently displayed its first medium range Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM). Missile has been displayed along with F-16 fighter jets. SOM is developed by the Tubitak-Sage for the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries.

Turkish Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) also offers features like In-flight Mission Selection Re-Targeting, Resistance to Counter Measures and Chaff.

Contract was awarded to the Tubitak-Sage in 2006 for the development of a medium range Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) which can be launched by the fighter jets of the Turkish air force.

 This new Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) uses a very stealthy design to avoid detection and can achieve single digit accuracy. It is manufactured by using composite materials which not only help in reduction of weight but also in reduction of RCS of the SOM. Turkish SOM can be launched by the Turkish F-16s, upgraded F-4s and future F-35 JSF.

Turkish Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) has a range of over 180 kilometers when launched by the fighter jets. SOM is reported to have extremely high accuracy to destroy its intended targets with pin point accuracy.

SOM uses combination of Global Positioning System (GPS)and inertial navigation system (INS) for inital flight while a Aselsan-built infrared imaging guidance is used for the terminal attack to ensure the precise strike.

Presence of the Aselsan-built infrared imaging seeker in the nose section for the terminal attack us used to  achieve accuracy of 2 to 3 meters. High resolution imaging provided by the IIR seeker also aids the Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) in engaging the moving targets effectively. Aselsan-built infrared imaging seeker is claimed to have long target detection range.

Turkey Air Launched Stand-off Precision Guided Munition (SOM) At DSEI 2011

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  1. congrats turkey !!! to this baby

  2. YES, SOM will be a very nice addition into the arsenal of Turkish air force and will also showcase the advancement of Turkish defense industry to the world and may be bag few export order at some future date.

  3. YES, and it is very much comparable to the best designs available in this category


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