Taiwanese Coast Guard Administration will get this new High Endurance Cutter which will be called Taipei class or Kaohsiung class(CG-128). This new class of ships is intended capable of deep sea operations in all weather and act as a fast, reliable platform that can respond to the emerging threats in the region. 

Kaohsiung class will be able to operate in low to medium intensity conflict environment. This new class of high endurance of cutters is expected to fulfill a large variety of roles while being at deep sea. it will be used for search & rescue operations, interception & boarding freighters and combating piracy.

Long range, high endurance and advance sensors suite will allow Taiwanese Coast Guard to uses Kaohsiung class cutters for untraditional roles like fighting piracy. Kaohsiung class(CG-128) will have a full displacement of 3000 ton.

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