TCG Anafartalar (S 356) is a Preveze class submarines (Type 209/T1.1400)
Turkish Navy Purchased 4 Gür class Type 209T2/1400 submarines, 4 Preveze class Type 209T1/1400 submarines and 6 Atılay class Type 209/1200 submarines. 

Type 209 /1400 submarines have eight 533mm bow torpedo tubes and Type 209/1400 submarine can carry up to 14 UGM-84 submarine-launched Harpoon anti-ship missile and DM2A4 heavyweight torpedoes.
 Early Atılay class submarines are planned to be replaced by Type 214 submarines starting in 2015.
Turkish Type 214 will use many Turkish indigenous systems and their Type 214 will be known as the Type 214TN (Turkish Navy). Type 214 SSK can dive to a depth of over 400m. 
The Turkish Navy plans to co-production of six Type 214 class air-independent propulsion (AIP) submarines  with  with "maximum local content at Gölcük Naval Shipyard" in Kocaeli, Turkey. Turkish contents will be worth 80 % of the total value of the submarine deal.

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