Egyptian Air Force (EAF) has confirmed the purchase of Lockheed Martin’s Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) to equip its F-16 aircraft purchased under the Peace Vector program.

Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) offers precision targeting and non-traditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (NTISR) in a single lightweight system.

Egyptian Air Force is already using LANTIRN targeting pods with its F-16 fighter jets.

Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) offers ability of long range detection, automatic tracking and laser designation of targets through its a multi-spectral sensor high-resolution, mid-wave third-generation FLIR, CCD-TV, laser spot tracker and a laser marker.

Specifications of Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP)
Length: 94 inches (239 centimeters)Diameter: 11.9 inches (30 centimeters)Weight: 440 pounds (199 kilograms)

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