The Indian Air Force will open the commercial bids of two shortlisted Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets for Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) by October 18.

Indian Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne has said, "We are in the last lap of Medium-Multirole combat aircraft project. We should be able to open the commercial bids in ten days from now." 

Indian Defense Ministry has already approved the decision to open the commercial bids for Indian Air Force's Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition after by approving the offset proposals provided by the respective manufactures.

Indian Air Force has shortlisted the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale on 27 April 2011 to supply 126 multi-role fighter aircraft.

Commercial bids for the sale of 126 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) to the Indian Air Force will be opened in the presence of the two vendors to determine the lowest bidder for the contract.

Swedish Saab Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon, French Dassault Rafale, Russian Mikoyan MiG-35, and the American F-16IN and F/A-18IN Super Hornet ("IN" For Customized Proposed versions to meet Indian Air Force Requirements) took part in the Indian MMRCA  competition.

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