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  1. Air launch Taurus misille with range over 500kms for the INDIAN AIRFORCE offerS looks good as it will tremendous air power over china * pakistan.
    IAF deploying BRAHMOS & TAURUS 350 Cruise misilles will give an edge to most countries in the world.

  2. Yes my friend TAURUS 350 Cruise misilles does have a range of 500 km but IAF will not get it due to MTCR restrictions (The very reason Brahmos has a range of 290km)

    IAF needs TAURUS 350 Cruise missile to counter Pakistani 350 km Ra,ad ALCM and large variety of Chinese air launched missiles as Air Launched

    Brahmos will only be deployed in limited numbers with IAF as only 40 Su-30MKIs will be equipped with them.

    TAURUS 350 Cruise missile can be integrated with different Fighter jets of IAF including the winner of 126 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) contract and each jet can carry multiple of these long range missile unlike SU-30MKI each of which will only carry a single one.


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