AT-6 Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance (LAAR) aircraft has successfully test fired GBU-12 (500 lb) Paveway II and GBU-58 (250 lb) Paveway II laser guided bombs with high precision. 

Between Sept. 28 and Oct. 5, AT-6 light attack aircraft flew 3 sorties every day and tested BDU-33, BDU-50, GBU-12, and GBU-58 precision munitions. 

AT-6 is also equipped with the .50 caliber machine gun. which is integrated with lead computing gun sight 

Lockheed Martin Mission Systems & Sensors has integrated the CMC Esterline’s mission Cockpit 4000 into the AT-6 which is a slightly modified version of the A-10C mission system.  AT-6 is also equipped with the L-3 WESCAM’s MX-15Di pod for 24/7 operations and it also carries ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management System.

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