The Turkish Bayraktar Miniature UAV has been designed and devbeloped by the Baykar Mechanical Industries to meet the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces for a man-portable UAV for tactical surveillance and reconnaissance missions.
This small hand-launched remote-controlled UAV can carry different mission payloads including CCD color video cameras and Thermal Camera System. It has range of 15 kilometers and endurance of 1.5 hours.
Turkish Bayraktar Miniature UAV is launched by throwing it into the air in a free flight after which it is powered by an electric motor and uses a parachute for landing.

Rugged Portable Ground Control Station System for the Baykar Miniature-IHA UAV
Specifications of Baykar Miniature-IHA UAV:

Range:15 Km
Cruise Speed:60 Km / Hour
Max Speed:95 Km/Hour
Max Altitude:4.000 Meters
Endurance:1-1.5 Hours
Engine:Electric Motor
Wing Span:2 Meters
Length:1.2 Meters
Take Off:Hand Launch (Auto Take Off)
Landing:Parachute / Belly Landing
Temp Work. Range:That -20 C, +55 C o
Data Link:Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Digital
Payload:Day Camera System
Thermal Camera System
Precise Target Coordinate OSD

Features of Baykar Miniature-IHA UAV:
  • Automatic Waypoint Navigation
  • Secure Digital Communication
  • Home Return and Automatic Landing in Case of Lost Communications
  • Support Multi-UAV
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Remote-Range Command / Control and Monitor (Relay WAN)
  • Ground Control Switching
  • Automatic Take Off
  • Automatic Cruise
  • Automatic Belly Landing / Parachute Deployment
  • Assisted Semi-Automatic Control Joystick
  • Stall Control in Case of Electric Motor Disfunction
  • Spin Control in the Case of the Very Harsh Wind Conditions

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