Officials from United States military seems to be very concerned about the possibility of Iran, China and Russia benefiting from the highly advance stealth technology used in the RQ-170 Sentinel stealth surveillance drone.
Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, General Norton A. Schwartz.has said, “There is the potential for reverse engineering, clearly, That certainly is in our minds.”
The Iranian military is claiming that RQ-170 Sentinel stealth surveillance drone of the United States had penetrated 250 kilometres inside the Iranian airspace before it was brought down.  The RQ-170 drone is also known as the Beast of Kandahar. In its protest to the UN, the Iranian government claimed, “the American RQ-170 spy plane violated 250 kilometers inside Iranian airspace before confronting the reaction of Iran’s armed forces.” 

American military officials sat that are still examining the evidence to confirm if the displayed drone was in fact top secret RQ-170 stealth drone as there appeared little if any damage to the upper body of the displayed US stealth drone.
Iranian Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh has said, “It (US drone) fell into the trap of (the Iranian Revolutionary Guards) electronic warfare unit who then managed to land it with minimum damage.”
Some damage may have been sustained by the undercarriage of the US stealth drone, area which Iranian military decided to hide behind Iranian and United States's flags. 

While the Iranian capabilities may be limited, both Russia and China will like to get their hands on the super secret stealth US drone by providing their expertise to Tehran in cloning the technology.

Iran Displays US RQ-170 Sentinel Stealth Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

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  1. Well be interesting to see the american reaction once Chinese come up with their version of RQ-170


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