Iranian Navy has inducted new 600-ton domestically produced Fateh (Conqueror) diesel-electric submarine which is far more capable then the Ghadir class submarines.

The Fateh class submarine has a displacement of 527-ton when surfaced and 600-ton when submerged. This submarine has a operational diving depth is 200 meters while its maximum diving depth is 250 meters. The Fateh submarine has range of over 5000 kilometers when snorting at slow speed.

The Fateh submarine has a top speed of  11 knots (20 km/h) when surfaced and  14 knots (26 km/h) when the submarine is submerged. Submarine has sea endurance of over 35 days.

Iranian Fateh class submarine are fitted with 4 × 533 mm torpedo tubes  and can carry upto 12 torpedoes ( 4 in the tubes and another 8 on the racks as reloads) or 24 naval mines for for anti-submarine (ASW) and anti-surface ship (ASuW) warfare. Much larger 1,000-ton Bethat class submarine is still underdevelopment.

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  1. iran submarine must be an ancient class china made for iran navy.

  2. Your evidence, if any, for that assertion?

  3. Iran builds its own submarines.Fateh 600 ton submarine most likely in service and might be revealed in November 2012.And Besat 1200 plus ton submarine might be revealed as well.All these diesel electric subs have been claimed to operate with AIP.


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