Iranian Revolutionary Guards has started taking precautionary measures to defend against any potential air strikes from United States or Israel. Iranian military machine is focused on dispersal of their long range missiles which can allow Iran to delivery retaliatory strikes against US targets in middle east and Israel.

The commander of the Army of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, General Mohammad Ali Jafari has ordered his forces to start preparing for the defense of key Iranian installations and dispersal of the ballistic missiles, artillery and air defense units.

Both U.S. and Israeli officials has stated that military strikes are still on the table if sanctions and diplomatic pressure fail to stop Iranian nuclear program. This situation has escalated after the statement that  Iranian military has shot downed the intruding RQ-170 Sentinel Stealth drone near the eastern border of Iran with Afghanistan.

The satellite surveillance images are confirming that quick response, solid-fueled ballistic missiles has replaced the older liquid-fueled ballistic missiles at the Iranian central missile testing base .

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