Russian Corvette 20380 Soobrazitelny was launched in 31 March 2010 and started its sea trials in December 2010.

Russian Corvette 20380 Soobrazitelny is a Steregushchy class corvette which is designed to replace the Grisha class.

Type: Project 20380
Displacement: 2,100-2,200 full load
Length: 104.5 meters
Beam: 11.1 meters
Draught: 3.7 meters
Speed: 26 knots
Range: 4,000 nm at 14 knots, 15 days enduranceComplement: 100
1 x Arsenal A-190 100mm
2 x MTPU pedestal machine gun 14.5 mm
2 x Kashtan-M CADS
8x P-800 Oniks or 6x 3M-54 Klub or 8x Kh-35 anti ship missiles or 6x SS-N-29 /RPK-9 Medvedka Medvedka-VE anti-submarine missile in one launcher
8 x 324mm torpedo tubes (for Paket-NK)

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